AAVSO Observer Code
American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Full Name
Velimir Popov
Sofia, BG
Background/Interesting Fact
PhD candidate in Astrophysics - Shumen University, Bulgaria. Other background: eclipsing binary stars, cataclysmic variable stars, exoplanets, photometry, astrophotography, spectroscopy.

Remotely controlled IRIDA Observatory, Long: E 24:44:19, Lat: N 41:41:51, alt: 1750 m).

IRIDA South (3 m dome): 12” RC Astrograph, CCD ATIK 4000M, filters: g’, r’, i’, B, V, Ic, SA200 and L (clear), ASA DDM85 Premium mount.

IRIDA North (3 m dome):
12” ASA N12 Astrograph, CCD SBIG STL-11000M, r', i', Ha (7 nm), OIII (8.5 nm), Rcont (red continuum), G (green), B (blue), L (clear), ASA DDM85 mount.
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CHOICE Courses Completed
How to use VPhot 2014-04-16
Variable Star Classification and Light Curves 2014-10-15
How to use VSTAR 2014-12-15