AAVSO Observer Code
American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Full Name
Pierre Fleurant
Arlington, MA, US
Background/Interesting Fact
Born in Westfield, Massachusetts. Grew up in Woonsocket, RI. Learned basic astronomy in Boy Scouts and in a
college course. Photography was my passion in high school. I had a darkroom and worked on the school newspaper.

Attended WPI and graduated in 1978 with BSEE. I’ve worked in the high-tech industry for about 37 years before my retirement in 2015. After attending Discover the Universe at CCAE taught by John Sheff and Dan Winchell something happened and I’ve been obsessed with anything astronomy ever since.

CHOICE Courses Completed
Variable Star Classification and Light Curves 2020-03-27
Exoplanet Observing 2020-05-01
How to use VSTAR 2020-06-05
Analyzing Data with Vstar 2020-10-01
Photometry using VPhot 2020-10-26
Fundamental Statistics for Photometry 2021-03-09
CCD Photometry, Part I 2021-10-01
CCD Photometry, Part II 2021-11-13