AAVSO Observer Code
American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Full Name
Dennis Means
Marana, AZ, US
Background/Interesting Fact
I worked for Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona for 27 years. I was a telescope operator at their 90" telescope on Kitt Peak. I retired ten years ago. I think I still know more astronomers then "normal" people. :)
CHOICE Courses Completed
DSLR Photometry 2016-12-09
Variable Star Classification and Light Curves 2017-03-03
CCD Photometry, Part I 2017-03-31
Developing A Visual Observing Program 2017-03-31
Photometry using VPhot 2017-05-05
How to use VSTAR 2017-06-02
Exoplanet Observing 2018-03-03
Observing and Counting Sunspots 2019-07-08