Exoplanet Videos


Exoplanet Observing Section Webinar
by Dr. Dennis Conti
presented on July 18, 2020

Using AstroImageJ for Exoplanet Observation Analysis
by Dr. Dennis Conti
presented on February 13, 2021

Using AAVSO's Exoplanet Database for Reporting and Retrieving Exoplanet Observations
by George Silvis
presented on September 11, 2021

Journey into Exoplanet Transit Analysis
by Ana Parra
presented on August 28, 2021
(NOTE: This talk begins at 1:02:52 on the video)

Other Presentations

The Transit Method: The Dominant Method Used by Amateur Astronomers
by Dr. Dennis Conti
Presented on August 4, 2022, to the Back Bay Amateur Astronomers, Hampton Roads, VA, via Zoom.