How can I convert my transform coefficients from a Text file to an INI file?

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Thu, 01/04/2024 - 16:22

Hello, everybody.

First of all, happy new year (2024)!

I had the information of BVRI Coefficient Transforms for my particular telescope. I have created them with the aid of a software known as Tycho Tracker. This software produces a TXT file with the coefficients. The question is, how can I make an INI file to upload the coefficients?

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American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Transform Coefficient INI file format

An INI file is a txt file with the extension of .ini

The format looks like:
description= TG - Version 6.4, Telescope= Mashnee, Time created (UT) = 2019_12_06_16:53:58
Tbv= 1.191
Tb_bv= 0.113
Tv_bv= -0.046
Tvi= 0.964
Tv_vi= -0.063
Ti_vi= -0.009
Tbv= 0.012
Tb_bv= 0.010
Tv_bv= 0.009
Tvi= 0.012
Tv_vi= 0.009
Ti_vi= 0.009
[R Squared Values]
Tbv= 0.988
Tb_bv= 0.499
Tv_bv= 0.157
Tvi= 0.983
Tv_vi= 0.254
Ti_vi= 0.010

That is, there are sections in brackets followed by key = value pairs
So organize your data with these sections, [Setup], [Coefficients], [Error], (R Squared is not necessary)
Put in which ever coefficients you have developed.

In VPhot you can import this ini file into your Telescope profile.