American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Thu, 01/27/2022 - 13:06

This is a star I used to observe but gave up when it seemed that BN Ori was not a suitable visual target due to its small amplitude. However, having a few spare minutes to spend I decided to have a look at the earliest reference from VSX which was in the Astronomische Nachrichten, Beyer 1937 in German (you see, a degree in linguistics can be useful in astronomy!) - translations from the german in italics throughout:-

There he quotes observations by Kukarkin and later, Parenago (who were to be appointed heads of the GCVS, so good sources) who established extreme limits (photographic) of 9.7 - 12.1 and as Beyer himself says this... is a white star so visual range will be that too. Might be worth keeping a closer eye? Of course it may be that, as a star still forming (probably WTTS from the J-K) its evolution has been rapid enough for that range to have lessened since the above observations were made. That in itself could suggest more attention is given to it!

Just throwing it out as a suggestion. Suiotable for the smallest scopes!


Hello, Mike. I have made 3 observations of this star. In the three observations i reported the magnitude of 9.7. In 2022 i have made two of the three observations.I will follow it this season, when the sky allows, here it has a lot of rain in January. We'll see how it behaves. Big hug.