Requesting obs of VW Hyi....

Sun, 07/18/2021 - 15:09

Hi everyone

I have observed VW Hyi (a southern sky object) for a couple of years and have some interesting observations about it. I want to observe it during a major outburst, using a cadence of around 10 seconds. I have tuned my scope and observational data pipeline to do that..... and now I'm just waiting for it to go into super-outburst. trouble is, my home, Australia, has been hit with very poor observing (storm clouds) on both the east and west coasts where I have telescopes.

So now I'm asking for your help... I would like to know, the moment this object goes into super-outburst so I can unleash my data collection program. If you can observe it once a day and let me know (or just report to the AAVSO database) whether it is mag 14- or mag 10+ that is all I need to know, to spring into action.

Thank you!

ps if you'd like to help with the high cadence obs data, I can do with some assistance there too, as Ideally I'd like to collect data with different filters. PM me for more info!

Thank you all, 


- - -Ian- - -

Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde, Werkgroep Veranderlijke Sterren (Belgium) (VVS)
VW Hyi snapshots

Hi Ian,


I have added VW Hyi as snapshots (2 images with V filter) to my observing program. Data will be sent to the AAVSO database.



Hi All

An update..... When…

Hi All

An update..... When I first planned this observation - the (second) 2021 super-outburst of VW Hyi, I estimated, based on the longest and shortest recorded gap between super-outbursts, that it would start somewhere between 30 June and 4th August. Well now it's 3rd August and daily obs (weather permitting) have still shown no sign of the super-outburst starting!

The weather has been terrible at my two observing sites (Western Australia and NSW) but Josch has been supplying some regular updates.

I have a small group of people now who have offered to help with the observations and I plan to coordinate by email.  We should be able to get a fair amount of high cadence data with B, V and R filters at different times during the super-outburst.

If anyone reading this would like to join the party, please let me know!

- - -Ian- - -