XX Cha

Alert Notice 741: Southern T Tau Stars campaign in support of HST and TESS observations

Note:  HST will be observing Sz 76 again on August 8  from 11:27:38 through 18:56:12 UT. Please add this target to your observing queue if practical. Dr. Walter remarks that there will be no TESS data, so frequent (at least nightly) BVRI observations will be helpful for setting the context for the HST spectra.  -  Elizabeth O. Waagen, August 2, 2021


The HST observations of NSV 20468 (Sz 130) and SSTc2d J160000.6-422158 have been scheduled as follows:

Alert Notice 478: Transformed photometry of young stars in Cha requested

January 16, 2013: Dr. Péter Ábrahám (Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary) has requested the assistance of AAVSO observers in monitoring eight young stars in Chamaeleon in support of photometry he and his colleagues will be obtaining with the VLT/ISAAC (infrared) and Herschel Space Observatory (far-infrared) during January-February 2013.