S Dor

Special Notice #205: Rapid fading in the luminous blue variable S Doradus

April 15, 2010: Noel D. Richardson and Douglas R. Gies (Georgia State University) announced on 2010 April 14 (Astronomer's Telegram #2560) that S Doradus is currently fading in optical brightness, while its hydrogen Balmer line (H-alpha) brightness is increasing. The V-band magnitude of S Dor (as measured by ASAS-3; Pojmanski, G., 2002, AcA 52, 397) has been declining for more than a thousand days. The star began a more rapid decline earlier this year, and is now fainter than V=9.5.

Special Notice #280: HST UV spectroscopy observations of S Dor scheduled

May 9, 2012: We have been informed by Dr. Noel Richardson, Georgia State University, that the UV spectroscopy observations of S Dor to be made with the Hubble Space Telescope have been scheduled for

2012 MAY 11 from 21:21:55 UT to 23:55:04 UT.

Alert Notice 453: Monitoring of S Dor requested for multiwavelength campaign

February 23, 2012:  Dr. Noel Richardson, Georgia State University, has requested monitoring of the luminous blue variable (LBV) prototype S Doradus as part of a multiwavelength campaign he is coordinating to study the photosphere of this star. At present the observations planned include:

1. UV Spectroscopy from HST
2. Optical spectroscopy from CTIO and an amateur in Australia
3. Near-IR Spectroscopy from SOAR (pending approval)
4. Mid-IR photometry from Gemini (pending approval)

Alert Notice 440: PEP Observing Campaign on P Cygni

Note: This campaign is the subject of the AAVSO Spectroscopy discussion forum thread: https://www.aavso.org/p-cyg-monitoring-intrinsic-h%CE%B1-flux

Also, spectroscopy reports should be submitted to the AAVSO Spectroscopy Database (AVSpec, https://www.aavso.org/apps/avspec/).  -  Elizabeth O. Waagen, 20 May 2020