Updates to LcTools for Data Mining TESS Light Curves

Fri, 03/19/2021 - 16:52

Hello Everyone,

Over the past year, I have greatly expanded the capabilities of LcTools (see forum topic "LcTools for Analyzing TESS, K2, and Kepler Light Curves" for original background information). The system now supports a new signal detection method called QuickFind which enables you to process light curves extremely fast. This is ideal for data mining TESS light curves where rapid signal processing is important due to the sheer volume of data. 

The QuickFind feature also enables you to detect, record, and display TTVs (Transit Timing Variations). Strong TTVs can indicate the presence of another object in the star system whose gravity perturbs the orbit of the host object therefore affecting its timing characteristics. 

For further information on QuickFind, see my latest LcTools research paper.

The LcTools website has been expanded to hold many more TESS light curves and star list files. A star list file enables you to generate light curves using LcGenerator. Millions of light curves can now be generated for two new TESS High Level Science Products (HLSPs) at MAST -- QLP and TESS-SPOC

For additional information on the system, see the LcTools Product Description.