Trouble submitting to database- SIMBAD name not recognized

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Mon, 01/09/2023 - 20:29

Hi all,

I am attempting to submit some exoplanet light curve data to the database and keep getting the following error about the star name not being recognized by SIMBAD:

There were errors in your form. Fix these issues to continue:

  • Problems with report file KELT-23b-AAVSO-Submission.txt
  • The star name (000-BNC-329) is not recognized in Simbad

The star is KELT-23 (which is recognized when using the identifier query in SIMBAD). I also tried the following names, with no luck...

000-BNC-329   (the AAVSO AUID)

BD+66 911

2MASS J15283520+6621314


Any thoughts on this issue? This is my first time trying to make a submission so maybe I am missing something simple? I've pasted the top part of my submission file below.

#SOFTWARE=AstroImageJ v5.0.0.00

Liga Iberoamericana de Astronomia (South America) (LIADA)

Try with TOI-1165 b


Try with TOI-1165 b

SIMBAD offers you with several different names from other catalogues. And the TOI designation is recognized.-

Clear skies!

Liga Iberoamericana de Astronomia (South America) (LIADA)

I would recommend not…


I would recommend not sticking to one or two designations.

Exoplanets names are coming in different formats and AAVSO may not have them all. So if a name does not match, try a different catalog.

It is part of the fun! 😉