GW Lib

Alert Notice 417: Request for observations of GW Lib and V842 Cen in support of HST observations

March 3, 2010: Dr. Paula Szkody (U. Washington) has requested the help of AAVSO observers to provide monitoring of two cataclysmic variables, GW Lib and V842 Cen, in support of Hubble Space Telescope observations in March 2010. Observations of both objects are requested beginning immediately, with intensive observations requested beginning 48 hours prior to the scheduled HST visit.

Special Notice #238: HST observations scheduled for GW Lib

April 2, 2011: Further to AAVSO Alert Notice 433, Dr. Paula Szkody, University of Washington, informs us that the time of the HST observations of GW Lib has been set for Friday night, 2011 April 8/9. The ground observations to confirm that the object is not in outburst - and allow the HST observations to take place - will thus need to take place on Thursday, April 7/8.