American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Sat, 05/22/2021 - 22:27

In the LPV of the month article, I mention that I found a 162 day period in the Fourier spectra and I questioned whether it was real of an alias. 

My gut told me it was likely an alias, but going with the gut isn't very scientific. 

As I stated in the article, there was no mention of multi-peridocity in literature about this star and it is uncommon (but not unheard of) for an SRa classified star to be multi-periodic. 

But still, I'm not skilled enough to determine if the period was real or an alias.

Fortunately Dr. Percy is so skilled and let me know that the 162 day period (as well as a 1411 day period I didn't pick up on) is indeed an alias frequency. 

I'm glad to know why gut had this one right! 

Clear Skies, 

Rich (RRIA)