SID Data Grabber

The SID Data Grabber is an application to help prepare an AAVSO SID report file from your Stanford/SARA superSID monitor log files. It offers a zoomable graphical view of the log data where you can click the graph to grab the times then puts them into the AAVSO format report file, ready for submission at the end of the month.

The Stanford project is pretty passive: once you set it up it automatically ftp's your log files to Stanford. You forget it's there. But that data is useful to the AAVSO solar group. The goals of the AAVSO are different from that of the Stanford project, so submitting the data to the AAVSO is not duplication but a clever repurposing of the data. And sitting down to look at the log data for an hour a month gets you back in touch with why you built a SID monitor: observing the wonders of our sun by its impact on the ionosphere.

What, you don't have a SID monitor? It's easy to do: $150 and 10 hours of work and you can have a radio-telescope in your attic collecting data 24/7. A design for a simple antenna is here. And for receiver electronics go to the Stanford project. Getting it setup and tuned is not hard and there's help available in the AAVSO forums for SID monitoring.

Attached below is the poster George Silvis presented at the 2015 Spring AAVSO meeting in Muncie.

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Many thanks to George for creating this handy program!

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