PNV J00423807+4108423 = AT 2021rno: new eruption (mag. 17.5) of the recurrent nova M31 V0865?

Association Francaise des Observateurs d'Etoiles Variables (AFOEV)
Sat, 07/03/2021 - 07:51

M31 V0865 = M31N 1923-12c = M31N 2012-01b  (NR)
Position (RA and DE J2000.0) : 00 42 38.07 +41 08 41.4 (Shafter et al., 2015ApJS..216...34S)
Spectroscopic class: He/N (Shafter et al., 2012ATel.3877....1S)

Discovery/detection by Mi Zhang and Xing Gao (Xingming Observatory):
Images can be found at:

This eruption was also detected by MASTER and reported as MASTER OT J004238.15+410841.0 (see TNS page).

Spectroscopy and multiband photometry are urgently required.

Clear skies,