Planetarium Trailer

This video was designed and produced to be a short movie trailer to be shown at planetariums before their regular, feature presentation. Click here or on a screen shot to view it via YouTube. It is also available in just about any video format you may need for regular TV, movie theatre or full-dome presentation (including high definition, H.264, 5.1 surround sound, etc.) for just about any planetarium technology. It is free for most uses and released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. Feel free to show the video at any event, including local star parties, club meetings, classes, etc. Also, please help promote it via blogs and such. :) And if any planetarium/museum would like the full high resolution version, contact us and we'll coordinate how to deliver it to you.

This is a very professionally produced video made by some of the best award-winning science visualizers on the planet. It was directed by Ryan Wyatt, the Director of the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academies. (This is also where our 2nd workshop was held.) We would like to thank Ryan and his staff for their hard work. Of course, we'd also like to thank Timothy Ferris for donating his time as well.


Please, feel free to comment and ask questions about the video via this thread. Ryan spoke a little about the video and his philosophy about science visualization at the last workshop.

Update: Higher resolution versions of the video are now available via the following links.