New Star Submission: questions

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Thu, 10/13/2022 - 14:14

Hi All.

I'm trying to do my first new star submission.

This Object Is in ViZIER and it is identifiable in Northern Sky Variability Survey (NSVS) (Wozniak +, 2004) and in LAMOST spectroscopic binaries & variable stars (Qian +, 2019), but neither the classification nor the ephemeris are reported in ViZIER. I found this star while working on the Zoouniverse SuperWASP Variable Star project, and the research team authorizes me to submit objects to VSX citing the McMaster et al 2021 Research Note ( to give credit to the project. I studied data from ASAS-SN Sky-Patrol and SuperWASP data base in VStar and determine Epoch and period (EA Type).

The star is TYC 2842-2277-1

My questions are:

Primary name: use LAMOST's code ? No code in NSVS

Discoverer: ? (Qian et Al) ?

In what field can I cite McMaster's research note?

Last problem: the procedure of loading the file with the phase plot seems not to work (I have already done it before, in submitting revisions, without problems)

PS: Now I notice that File Upload in THIS page, is not working (the "choose file" button is not active)


Thank you All

Franco Travaglino



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Credits, names and references

Hi Franco,

The LAMOST catalogue includes spectroscopic information but not any information about light variability so this can't be considered as a discovery.
The star is listed in "Gaia DR3 Part 3. Non-single stars" as a spectroscopic binary with P= 2.782283 d. So you can add a remark informing this and cite their paper (2022yCat.1357....0G). See the reference format for the other Gaia DR3 papers in the VSX FAQ page.
That isn't a light variability paper either so the star can be submitted as your discovery with the reference you mentioned (remember that in order to add several references, you have to check the "Draft only" box and submit to be able to reopen the form and have more reference fields available to complete).
The primary name should be the SuperWASP name since that is the database you used to find the object.

Remember to add the eclipse duration too since this is an EA-type system.

About the NSVS entry, it is not relevant regarding variability. The catalogue in VizieR contains all entries in NSVS, not only variable stars. Unfortunately, NSVS epoch data are not available anymore from the Los Alamos site.

And no, you can't upload files to the forums, but that is independent from the VSX server, where you should add files as supporting evidence along with your submissions.


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New Star Submission, questions

Thanks for your hyper-fast answer!

If I have correctly understood, to give correct credit to SuperWASP zoouniverse progran, I can associate the program name in the discover field, and add the biblio    reference for Adam McMaster  Research Note, I know that researchers are very sensitive to the scientific ownership of data...and I have lots of similar objects...

I shall try again to upload my phase plot file file to submission form, might be just some software problem of my PC...

Just another question: I'm pretty sure of period, that is 3.878725 days, how is possible a Gaia spectroscopic period of 2.782283 ?

(I have now e-mailed you the phase plot)