New Observing Section Created to study Young Stellar Objects (YSOs)

 Michael Poxon has taken it upon himself to head a new AAVSO section on his favorite class of variable star: Pre-Main Sequence Stars (YSO/PMS). The AAVSO has had a long history of working with such objects, especially the "Orion variables" that were monitored by many visual observers for years.  We've started to cover some of these objects again, such as with the new program centered at BM Ori and monitored by the MOST satellite for Matt Templeton. However, there are *lots* of these stars; they vary at all temporal scales, usually chaotic, and study of the variation can help us understand these stars as they head towards the Main Sequence.

Mike has created a website for the section:
and we have an on-line forum for the section (on the AAVSO home page, go to community->forums->Young Stellar Objects).  Dr. William (Bill) Herbst has agreed to be the science advisor.

Check out the Section and give Mike some feedback - it will keep him active, and you may get hooked on this different type of variable object!