Janet A. Mattei's 30th Anniversary

The American Association of Variable Star Observers


wishes to honor

Janet Akyüz Mattei


on this, the thirtieth anniversary of her Directorship of the Association.

Janet MatteiJanet's accomplishments during her 30 years as director have been many. Since October 20, 1973, she has led the AAVSO in its growth from a small organization to a truly independent, vibrant, cutting-edge institution. During her tenure as director and as a result of her guidance and vision:

- The AAVSO's unique treasure - its database of variable star observations - has evolved from being awkward and/or impossible to utilize to being a dynamic, living and breathing, fully digitized database easily and widely accessed by the astronomical and educational communities worldwide.

- Thousands of requests for information on particular variables have been filled. The AAVSO has collaborated very closely with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and astronomers worldwide in variable star research, including planning and coordinating multiwavelength observations with ground-based telescopes and/or orbiting satellites.

- The AAVSO has established thriving educational programs such as Hands-On Astrophysics (HOA) and the High-Energy Astrophysics Workshops for Amateur Astronomers.

Janet herself is internationally recognized and respected as an astronomer specializing in variable stars, particularly eruptive and pulsating variables, and has published over 180 papers, mostly in refereed journals. She has served on numerous astronomical boards and committees, with such organizations as the International Astronomical Union, the American Astronomical Society, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and the Hubble Space Telescope Amateur Astronomers Working Group.

Janet has been recognized with many honors and awards. These include the Jackson-Gwilte medal of the Royal Astronomical Society, the Leslie Peltier Award of the Astronomical League, the American Astronomical Society's George Van Biesbroeck Award, the first Giovanni Battista Lacchini Award of the Unione Astrofili Italiana, and the Centennial Medal for leadership in variable stars from the Societe Astronomique de France. She has also been honored with an asteroid named Minor Planet 11695 Mattei.

Janet's husband, Mike, accepts the plaques in Janet's absence.

The above only hint at the many people's lives Janet has touched and influenced. A born mentor, she has encouraged, guided, and supported countless individuals, especially young people, not only in astronomy but also in their choices of life paths. Always intense and enthused, Janet is never satisfied with doing merely a good job - she insists on excellence. Leading by example, she has always set the highest standards for herself and the AAVSO.

All the membership wishes to thank and congratulate Janet for her 30 years of service, not only to the AAVSO but also to the entire variable star community, amateur and professional, past, present, and future. Janet, you are an exemplary director, and our hats are off to you!

Daniel H. Kaiser
Martha L. Hazen

Presented at the AAVSO 92nd Annual Meeting
Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 25, 2003

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