Women in the Geosciences: Past, Present, and Future

The following announcement is made on behalf of long time AAVSO observer/member Dr. Kristine Larsen:

I am organizing oral and poster sessions on “Women in the Geosciences: Past, Present, and Future” for the Northeast Section Meeting of the Geological Society of America (March 18-20, 2012, Hartford, CT). I am looking for contributions on any aspect of women and the geosciences, including (but not restricted to): the role of women in geoscience fields in the past; impediments to women as both students and professionals in the geosciences in the past and present; recruiting and retaining women in the geosciences; gender issues in the teaching of geosciences; gender and geosciences in public outreach programs. Interested persons should email me at Larsen@ccsu.edu ASAP with their ideas. Formal abstracts will be required at a later date.
Many thanks,
Kristine Larsen
Physics and Earth Sciences Dept.
Central Connecticut State University