Variable Star Education

If you are new to the AAVSO you probably found this site because you have some interest in astronomy. As the name AAVSO might imply, we occupy a special niche in the astronomical community focusing specifically on variable stars. However, If you aren't  what a variable star is or why people observe them then start here

If that sounds interesting then you have come to the right place. We have a full repertoire to help you learn more about these unique objects:

  • Variable Star Astronomy - This complete course takes you through the science of astronomy with an emphasis on stellar variability. It also has activities and information for teachers.

  • Variable Stars and the Stories they Tell - This is a beginner's guide to stellar astronomy tackling some of the most interesting and challenging astronomical puzzles.

  • Variable Star Guide - Want to learn about the zoo of different types of variables, then check out this guide.

The AAVSO also has multiple articles detailing specific variables. 

  • Variable Star of the Season - A static archive of older, but still relevant, articles which highlight specific variable stars and do a deep dive on what makes them interesting.

  • LPV of the Month - This series focuses on Long Period Variables and still produces new content a regular (if not monthly) basis.