Two Completed Analyses - Unable to Upload

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Fri, 01/13/2023 - 16:54


I've tried multiple times over the past few months to upload the observation reports (see below) based on Data acquired from several CDK 17" instruments and analyzed in AIJ using last summer's SG1 .config format. I can find nothing incomplete or missing from these reports and supporting materials yet they will not upload via AAVSO and I have no other means to submit them. Each attempts receives an error message referencing: possibly missing a "b" suffix  which, I believe, is not applicable to targets with TIC/TOI  identifiers. Below i've indicated the targets and include the top portion of one report for information.

Thank you very much for any advice on how I submit these observations.



TIC2016376984.01 (TOI 3920.01)

TIC229605891.01 (TOI 4059.01)

#SOFTWARE=AstroImageJ AAVSO Report Macro Rev. 7.6
#PRIORS=Period: 2.04, Host Radius:0.82, LDC u1:0.67676794, LDC u2:0.1033864
#RESULTS=(Rp/R*)^2=0.014774253, a/R*=8.411, i=89.13, Tc= 2459725.781832
#NOTES=173 images captured, 2 images discarded due to cosmic ray strikes, unguided captures plate-solved & aligned

Remaining data deleted for Forum Posting

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Unable to upload

Hi Gary,

I believe the problem is that the exoplanet name (and star) in your report header must be a confirmed exoplanet with a name known to the NASA Exoplanet Archive. Try TOI 4059 and TOI 4059.01 instead of TIC names.


Dennis Conti

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Unable to Upload

Thank you Dennis...

I revised the names to 'TOI's'  on both reports but the AAVSO, (or the NASA Archive), still will not accept the TOI data. Ever since this first happened last summer, I've been limiting myself to older targets that would be accepted by AAVSO but this has kept me from contributing to more current targets that might benefit more from the added observations and data.

I've learned a lot from Bob Massey's coaching ( thanks to you !), which has helped me advanced my skills. I've also substantially upgraded mount,camera and OTA so it's unfortunate I'm only able to report observations on well-studied Hat's, Wasps, Qatar's,etc. These, however, have been excellent practice so the time has definitely been well-spent.

If you happen to think of anything else I can do, or fix, so AAVSO/NASA  will accept TIC / TOI reports, please let me know. Thanks very much for your help.



Liga Iberoamericana de Astronomia (South America) (LIADA)
I've posted this question in…

I've posted this question in the Exoplanet Watch slack community, where George collaborates. 

There are papers within the JAAVSO using the TOI designations, but they are not listed within the Exoplanet database.


Let's wait for his reply.

Liga Iberoamericana de Astronomia (South America) (LIADA)
I have a reply from the…

I have a reply from the Exoplanet Watch Slack forum: Only confirmed exoplanets can be submitted to AAVSO.

For non-confirmed exoplanets, the recommendation is to submit them to TFOP SG1.