Alert Notice 626: Bright nova in Carina - ASASSN-18fv

March 21, 2018

Event: Nova in Carina - ASASSN-18fv

Discovered by: All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN)

Discovery magnitude: brighter than magnitude 10 V (image was saturated)

Discovery date: 2018 March 20.32 UT

Coordinates (2000.0): R.A. 10 36 13.71  Decl. -59 35 55.1  (from VSX)

Special Notice #292: Possible nova in Carina = PNV J09410000-5759540

August 5, 2012: N. J. Brown (Two Rocks, W. Australia) reported a possible nova in Carina to the IAU CBAT with an observation of magnitude 9.5 photographic made on 2012 July 24.68 UT. The object has been placed on the IAU CBAT TOCP page ( and assigned the name PNV J09410000-5759540.

Special Notice #266: Possible Nova in Carina (TCP J10502000-6406480) [V834 Car]

3 March 2012:  John Seach, Chatsworth Island, NSW, Australia, reports his discovery of a possible nova in Carina [V834 Car] on 2012 February 26.543 UT at magnitude 10.2 on 3 images with digital SLR, 50 mm f/1.0 lens. No object was seen at the location on survey images taken on February 23.424 UT 2012. A possible image of the nova was seen at magnitude 11 (limit of visibility) on an image taken on February 25.733 UT 2012. Seach reports no object was seen on the POSS2 red image, and no variable star, comet, or minor planet was reported at the position.