SID Equipment

Note: Some of the following articles written by Cap Hossfield include references to Radio Shack part numbers. These were commonly available at the time of his writing but may no longer be so today. Cap also includes offers to sell some of the circuits he describes to interested parties and to supply tuning services to those that do not have the proper equipment to do so. Sadly Cap is no longer with us and therefore these offers are no longer valid.

  1. Antenna Options
  2. A Gyrator Tuned VLF Receiver (pdf file) - This article appeared in Communications Quarterly in 1994. It marks the beginning of a new series of VLF receiver designs. (If you need to download the Acrobat plug-in to read a pdf file, you may download it for free from the Adobe website)
  3. The Gyrator III VLF Receiver
  4. A Minimal Gyrator II VLF Receiver
  5. A Simple, Easy-To-Build, SID Receiver
  6. Capacitor Characteristics
  7. An Easy To Build A/D Converter Interface For VLF Receivers
  8. A/D Converter for SID Logging: Lessons Learned
  9. A Simple Signal Generator to test antenna tuning (.pdf file)