Mon, 07/04/2022 - 15:52

Hello everyone, how some of you must know, the Mira star S CrB had a unusual behavior last month. On June 6th I observed it with 9.0 mag, on June 19 I observed it with 6.6, some others observers said that they also noticed this jump in brightness within a few days. The observations continued to be sent to the data base, the star continues to get brighter and now it is on the 5.43 magnitudes, the brighter magnitude since the data began to be collected. There is an observation from 1874/06/25 when the star reached the magnitude 5.7. There is another observation from 1974 the shows a magnitude at 5.8. 

We can assume that the star has never been brighter, if it ever was, was not observed or was not reported.