Program stars in need of observation

The AAVSO maintains several lists of stars for which observations are strongly encouraged.  These are primarily stars for which the AAVSO already has well-covered light curves spanning several decades or longer, and for which we deem there is value in continuing observations indefinitely.

To facilitate and encourage collection of data for these stars, this page provides information on stars on our LPV Program list, LPV/CV Legacy lists, and Binocular lists that have been unobserved during the past seven (7) days.  We strongly encourage observations of any star on this list at your earliest convenience, either visually or with appropriate instrumentation and photometric filters.

Click here for a .CSV file suitable for spreadsheet software

Click here for an HTML file suitable for a web browser (coming soon)

The fields given in these tables are as follows:

  • Star name (Stars within two hours of the Sun are marked with ***)
  • <Range of the Variable(Band)>
  • Program lists: LL=LPV Legacy; LP=LPV Program; LB=LPV Binocular; CL=CV Legacy
  • Variable star type
  • RA & Declination (J2000)
  • Best observing time: evening or morning
  • Hours east or west of the Sun (positive = east)
  • Distance from the Sun (degrees)

The date on which the list was generated appears in the column header as the right-most column (subsequent rows are blank).  This list is generated automatically once per day, and is based upon data contained in the live version of the AID.  It is possible that stars on this list have been observed but have not yet been reported to the AAVSO.

For questions or comments on this utility, please contact Elizabeth Waagen or Sara Beck.