PEPObs user guide

PEPObs was developed from legacy code used to reduce photoelectric photometry submitted to the AAVSO PEP program.  We have retained most of the original fields for backwards compatibility with old PEP reports.  What follows is a guide to  fields in the online form with formatting instructions.  In the examples, the quotes ("") should not be included.

Field Name Purpose Format/Example
Obscode User ID (Automatically set)
Star Name Object ID 10 char string / "EPS AUR"
Last 5 digits of JD Date/Time 5 digit integer / "56485"
Double Date Comment 14 char string / "JAN 01/02 2007"
Comments Comment 27 char string / [ASCII only, no HTML]
Timezone Date/Time Use "UTC" for UT times, local string otherwise
Time Measurement 5 char string / "20:45" (24-hour time assumed)
Deflection Measurement Up to 5 digit integer / "1379"
Gain Measurement Up to 3 digit integer / "10"


We will be posting a formatting guide for ASCII reports soon. 

Many thanks to our PEP observers for their excellent work!