Online talk w/Dr. Kevin Marvel, exec officer of the American Astronomical Society

Update: The talk is completed. Videos of this talk, and the others, are available here. Also, here is a link to the policy webcast at STScI that Kevin referred to in his talk.

Join us Thursday, April 12 at 2pm EDT (18UT) for a web talk with Dr. Kevin Marvel. Kevin is a former AAVSO vice president and is the current executive officer of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), the leading professional organization of astronomers in the United States.

Dr. Marvel will be joined by Dr. Bethany Johns, AAS Public Policy Officer. They will discuss policy issues and the current status of astronomy in the US and take questions from attendees. This is a great opportunity to talk to those who see the entire industry from a strategic perspective. If you have questions about directions in science, public funding, industry direction, etc. then now is a great time to ask them!

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