Week of Online Chats for Beginners: July 25-29

We will be hosting three online chat sessions for beginners to the AAVSO during the week of July 25, 2011. Below are the list of the chat topics. However, feel free to bring up any topic at any chat.

The chat room can be accessed by pointing your browser here. Details about how to use dedicated chat clients are here.

Beginner Chat #1: Visual Observing
Monday, July 25 at 9pm eastern (-4UT)

Beginner Chat #2: CCD Observing
Tuesday, July 26 at 7pm eastern (-4UT)

Beginner Chat #3: Science of variables
Wednesday, July 27 at 3pm eastern (-4UT)

Chats usually run for about an hour.  See you there!

New users: When you enter the chat room you will be asked for a username. Most people use their name followed by their observer code (example: AaronPAH), but feel free to use whatever username you wish. After you click Login you'll see a list of other users online in a column on the right side of your web browser. Introduce yourself by typing in a greeting and click Enter. It is very simple. Help can be found by typing /help.