JAAVSO v39n2




Volume 39 Number 2 2011

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153 A Message From the Editor
John R. Percy
154 delta Scuti Behavior Detected in HD 349422
Garrison Turner, Ronald Katichuck
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162 Periodicity Analysis of the Semiregular Variable Star EV Aquarii
Emil Terziev, John R. Percy, Arne A. Henden
  abstract pdf  
170 Light Curve of the Eccentric Eclipsing Binary GSC 3152-1202
Robert K. Bucheim
  abstract pdf  
177 Recent Minima of 146 Eclipsing Binary Stars
Gerard Samolyk
  abstract pdf  
186 The Ross Variable Stars Revisited. I.
Wayne Osborn, O. Frank Mills
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201 A Search for Eclipsing Binary Light Curve Variations Among MACHO Project Light Curves of 3,256 Fundamental-Mode RR Lyrae Variables in the Galactic Bulge
Michael W. Richmond
  abstract pdf  
219 Deep Infrared ZAMS Fits to Benchmark Open Clusters Hosting delta Scuti Stars
Daniel J. Majaess, David G. Turner, David J. Lane, Tom Krajci
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240 Call for Papers
Aaron Price