Identifications of Centennial Calendar Images: June 2011

Images in A Century of Variable Star Observing: 1911-2010

June 2011: AAVSO members, observers, and friends

Row 1: Margaret Mayall and Clinton B. Ford visiting Headquarters at 25 Birch Street, Cambridge, Mass. (John Briggs’ 1875 5-inch Alvan Clark telescope in the background); Casper (Cap) Hossfield, solar observer and former Solar Division chair; Brian G. Marsden (Director Emeritus, IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams) presents Margaret W. Mayall with a citation announcing minor planet "Fivesparks", named for Margaret and Newton's home address in Cambridge, January 1990; at Margaret's "Fivesparks" party in 1990, left to right: Brian G. Marsden, Margaret, Ford, Charles Scovil, Sky & Telescope's Editor in Chief Leif  J. Robinson, Sky & Telescope Editor Alan MacRobert;

Row 2: F. Lancaster Hiett of Arlington, Virginia, and Margaret Mayall; (above) Margaret and Newton Mayall; (below) former AAVSO President William G. Dillon, Secretary Gary Walker, AAVSO Assistants Rebecca Turner and Katherine Davis; Carolyn J. Hurless, Curtis E. Anderson, and Leslie C. Peltier at Leslie's in Delphos, Ohio; former President Edward G. Oravec, AAVSO chartmaker and former President Charles E. Scovil, Leslie C. Peltier, Secretary Clinton B. Ford, former Council member John E. Bortle;

Row 3: Gerald J. Fishman (NASA; Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Team, National Space Science and Technology Center) receives a certificate from AAVSO Director Arne A. Henden; former President Thomas R. Williams, Charles E. Scovil, Clinton B. Ford, Janet A. Mattei, former President Keith H. Danskin, former Clerk Michael Mattei in front of Headquarters at 187 Concord Avenue; former Council member Danie Overbeek and RASNZ-VSS founder and director Frank M. Bateson, O.B.E.; former President Wayne M. Lowder in the AAVSO library; Arne A. Henden and former President Albert V. Holm; former President George Diedrich and Delorne Diedrich;

Row 4: AAVSO meeting attendees at a picnic at Kitt Peak National Observatory 1972; Janet A. Mattei presents Clinton B. Ford with a plaque recognizing the dedication of the AAVSO Headquarters at 25 Birch Street, the Clinton B. Ford Astronomical Data and Research Center; former Council member John J. Ruiz of Erie, Pennsylvania; M. K. Vainu Bappu of Hyderabad, India


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