Identifications of Centennial Calendar Images: Front Cover

Images in A Century of Variable Star Observing: 1911-2010

Front Cover

Front Cover photo caption: Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, November 10, 1917. Left to right: Mary H. Vann of Alexandira, Louisiana, Forrest H. Spinney of Nashua, New Hampshire, William J. Delmhorst of Jersey City, New Jersey, Dorothy W. Block of Kennebunk, Maine, Mrs. Edwin T. Brewster of Andover, Massachusetts, Leon Campbell (Harvard College Observatory), Anne S. Young (Mt. Holyoke College), Susan Raymond (Smith College), Leah Allen (Wellesley College), John J. Crane of Sandwich, Massachusetts, Dorothy W. Reed of Kennebunk, Maine, Annie Jump Cannon (Harvard College Observatory), Edward C. Pickering (Harvard College Observatory), E. S. McColl of New York City, Henrietta S. Leavitt (Harvard College Observatory), Edwin T. Brewster of Andover, Massachusetts, Solon I. Bailey (Harvard College Observatory), William Tyler Olcott (Norwich, Connecticut), Ida E. Woods (Harvard College Observatory), Rev. Tilton C. H. Bouton of St. Petersburg, Florida, David H. Wilson (Harvard College Observatory), Henry R. Schulmaier of Berwick, Maine, Michael J. Jordan of Boston, Massachusetts, Alan B. Burbeck of Abington, Massachusetts, I. F. Conant, Francis L. Ducharme of Arlington, Massachusetts, W. H. Reardon of North Abington, Massachusetts.


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