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Sun, 01/15/2023 - 09:51

I am comparing my November 2022 data (I started my observations of the Sun from here) with those of the Solar Bulletin, to verify if the groups/sunspots I counted match those of the other observers. Should I refer to the Raw number which is the average of the other observers? Also because Ra is Shapley's fix, right?
My counts are too low (≤10) on days:

11/11/2022 UT 1230 (G=3 dots=22 F=52 RAW=65)
11/20/2022 UT 1320 (G=4 spots=20 F=60 RAW=75)

So I counted one group less, or many sunspots less…
From the Spaceweather link on November 11 there are 3 groups with spots (3140, 3141, 3145), but from the Hanzelhohe Observatory site it counts 4, because they divide the AR3140 group into two groups, despite with Helio Viewer the separations are ~4° longitude and ~7° latitude.
Do you think the deficit is in the groups or in the number of sunspots?

compare data

Hi Maurizo,

There is no right or wrong observation for group and sunspot counts on any particular day. Each observer has a different 'style' and type telescope (instrument) and seeing conditions.  For example here are data from observers observations on the 11th of November 2022:

JD,            year, Mon, day,obs,see,g,s,Wolf (RAW)
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,ARAG,F,4,39,79
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,ASA,G,3,21,51
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,BATR,G,3,28,58
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,BMF,G,3,24,54
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,BMIG,G,3,24,54
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,BZX,F,3,13,43
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,CIOA,P,3,19,49
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,CKB,E,3,35,65
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,CMAB,F,3,22,52
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,DMIB,P,4,18,58
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,DUBF,F,3,32,62
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,EGMA,G,3,27,57
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,FERA,E,3,18,48
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,GIGA,F,2,19,39
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,HKY,E,4,21,61
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,HOWR,E,2,28,48
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,ILUB,P,3,29,59
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,KAMB,G,2,10,30
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,KAND,F,3,21,51
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,KNJS,G,4,32,72
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,LEVM,P,2,17,37
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,MARC,E,3,22,52
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,MCE,F,3,24,54
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,MJAF,G,3,39,69
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,MJHA,G,2,12,32
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,MMAY,E,3,17,47
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,MMI,G,12,69,189
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,OAAA,G,3,57,87
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,PLUD,E,4,30,70
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,RJV,F,4,40,80
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,SDOH,E,4,44,84
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,TDE,E,3,34,64
2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,WWM,F,3,37,67

Perhaps compare your data with these data for that day. This may help to understand the differences. All observers after 100 observations get a k - factor, which is a weighted value that will help calculate the Ra index for future observations.  So, after you have accumulated 100 observations with your telescope and feel confident in your observations the differences will not seem so different !



American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
thank you

finally records…

thank you

finally records listing raw number of sunspots, as observed and counted


Since AR (acitivity regions) get computer identified from magnetograms

 labels are assigned to individual AR.


Number of ARs is greater than the number of groups of sunspots (vide the image above),

so number of ARs sets general, upper limit for the number of groups.


2459895, 2022,/,Nov,/,11,MMI,G,12,69,189


the above record identified 12 groups on Nov. 11, 2022 (Credit: SDO/HMI)   identified and labeled 5 acitivity regions



Daily Sun: 11 Nov 22Image removed.
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Image removed.

Sunspot AR3141 has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI



so why not to ask the concerned observer personally about his count of groups set to: 12





American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
comparison of results with the Solar bulletin

For the recognition and division of the groups I help myself with the Helio Viever software, the Zurich/McIntosh classification and by monitoring the birth and evolution of the group of spots.

Thanks for your answers!