Charts and Sequences Update June 2015

The following objects have new or revised sequences. If you observe any of these objects you should update your charts as soon as possible. You can download the entire list in .xlsx or .csv format below. Our sincere thanks to Tom Bretl and the charts and sequences team for their continued hard work.


Sequence Revisions (3/27/15 - 6/26/2015)
BU And And minor revision
EE And And revised sequence
R And And minor revision
RR And And revised sequence
RV And And major revision
RW And And revised sequence
ST And And minor revision
SZ And And revised sequence
T And And minor revision
TU And And revised sequence
TV And And revised sequence
U And And minor revision
V And And minor revision
ASASSN-15hq Aql new sequence
CL Aql Aql new sequence
IGR J19552+0044 Aql new sequence
RT Aql Aql revised sequence
S Aql Aql minor revision
V1370 Aql Aql major revisions
Z Ara Ara major revision
BD+20 307 Ari update & add
U Ari Ari revised sequence
AA Aur Aur replaced variable comp
CSS_J145659.9+164008 Boo new sequence
ASASSN-15gq Cam new sequence
NR Cam Cam new sequence
NSVS 708833 Cam new sequence
ASASSN-15ie Cap new sequence
VZ Cas Cas revised sequence
V1213 Cen Cen major revision
T Cep Cep minor revision
Z Cep Cep revised sequence
WW Cet Cet updated sequence
IL Cnc Cnc updated several comps
T Cnc Cnc major revision
ASASSN-15hm Crt new sequence
BH Cru Cru revised sequence
Do Cyg Cyg new sequence
S Cyg Cyg updated sequence
TY Cyg Cyg major revision
V1666 Cyg Cyg updated with APASS
V1948 Cyg Cyg new sequence
ASAS J205934+1812.7 Del new sequence
ASASSN-15lf Dra new sequence
CM Dra Dra new sequence
PG 1634+706 Dra new sequence
EO Eri Eri one comp excluded
T Eri Eri minor revision
SW Gem Gem revised sequence
V0355 Gem Gem new sequence
ASASSN-15fc Her new sequence
ASASSN-15hd Her New sequence
ASASSN-15jd Her New sequence
DS Her Her minor revision
PU Her Her new sequence
RU Her Her resvised sequence
S Her Her revised sequence
SV Her Her minor revision
V1036 Her Her new sequence
V1108 Her Her minor revision
V1135 Her new sequence
V1217 Her Her new sequence
ASASSN-15hn Hya New sequence
X Hya Hya revised sequence
ASASSN-15gn Lib new sequence
ASASSN-15kf Lup new sequence
SNhunt275 Lyn new sequence
V0413 Lyr Lyr new sequence
ASASSN-15fd Men new sequence
S Mic Mic minor revision
UU Mus Mus new sequence
PNV J17291350-1846120 Oph new sequence
V0517 Oph Oph minor revision
BF Ori Ori revised sequence
V0350 Ori Ori revised sequence
VZ Pup Pup extended and updated
VZ Scl Scl added brighter comps
IGR J16500-3307 Sco new sequence
W Sco Sco revised sequence
ASASSN-15lt Sgr new sequence
V4998 Sgr Sgr new sequence
V5581 Sgr Sgr revised sequence
V5582 Sgr Sgr new sequence
ASASSN-14fz Tel new sequence
IGR J15094-6649 TrA new sequence
S Tri Tri minor revision
SDSS J102637.04+475426.3 UMa new sequence
Z UMa UMa added 2 fainter BINO_COMPS
FP Vel Vel revised sequence
FR Vel Vel major revision
Y Vel Vel major revision
PG 1302-102 Vir new sequence
PSN J15053007+0138024 Vir new sequence
S Vir Vir revised sequence
U Vir Vir revised sequence
V Vir Vir revised sequence
VSX J133234.9+061339 Vir new sequence
Y Vir Vir minor revision
SMTJ07350518-6907531 Vol new sequence