Charts and Sequences Update December 2012

The following charts (listed in order by constellation) have new or revised sequences since September 28, 2012. This list is quite long and includes all the stars in the new Binocular Program. A .csv file is available as an attachment here at the bottom of the page as well.

If you observe any of these stars please update your charts as soon as possible.

Name   Const.  
EG And And
EQ And And
V0370 And And
DT Aps Aps
tet Aps  Aps 
ES Aql Aql
R Aql Aql
V902 Aql Aql
FQ Aqr Aqr
LSQ12dya Aqr
UU Aqr Aqr
R Aqr Aqr 
BG Ari Ari
CSS 091106:023638+111157 Ari
WX Ari Ari
1RXS J052430.2+424449 Aur
T Aur Aur
UU Aur Aur
V582 Aur Aur
psi 1 Aur  Aur 
UU Aur  Aur 
FG Boo Boo
RV Boo Boo
RW Boo Boo
RX Boo Boo
V338 Boo Boo
RV Boo  Boo 
RW Boo  Boo 
RT Cap Cap
AG Car Car
ASAS J110135-6102.9 Car
BZ Car Car
CK Car Car
EP Car Car
EV Car Car
HR Car Car
IX Car Car
U Car Car
ASAS J110135-6102.9 Car 
BO Car  Car 
R Car  Car 
S Car  Car 
2MASS J00482232+7417574 Cas
AZ Cas Cas
RV Cas Cas
V592 Cas Cas
ZZ Cas Cas
rho Cas  Cas 
V0465 Cas  Cas 
R Cen Cen 
RV Cen  Cen 
T Cen  Cen 
V0744 Cen Cen 
V0766 Cen Cen 
V0854 Cen Cen 
AR Cep Cep
AR Cep Cep
miu Cep Cep
RW Cep Cep
SS Cep Cep
W Cep Cep
miu Cep  Cep 
W Cep  Cep 
CSS 091029:015021-124425 CET
SN 2012gx Cet
VY Cet Cet
omi Cet  Cet 
T Cet  Cet 
tet Cir Cir
RX J0643.9-2052 CMa
W CMa  CMa 
AK Cnc Cnc
AT Cnc Cnc
YZ Cnc Cnc
RS Cnc  Cnc 
RT Cnc  Cnc 
X Cnc  Cnc 
RU Crt Crt
RU Crt Crt
AP Cru Cru
BH Cru Cru
CP Cru Cru
SV Crv Crv
TU Cvn Cvn
Y Cvn Cvn
TU CVn  CVn 
V CVn  CVn 
Y CVn CVn 
IRAS 19558+3333 Cyg
V1393 Cyg Cyg
V2211 Cyg Cyg
AF Cyg  Cyg 
CH Cyg  Cyg 
RS Cyg  Cyg 
V0460 Cyg  Cyg 
V1070 Cyg  Cyg 
W Cyg  Cyg 
Var Del 2008 Del
CT Del  Del 
EU Del  Del 
U Del  Del 
AY Dor Dor
AY Dor Dor 
R Dor  Dor 
AH Dra Dra
RY Dra  Dra 
TX Dra  Dra 
UX Dra  Dra 
BM Eri Eri
BR Eri Eri
EF Eri Eri
IM Eri Eri
RR Eri Eri
Z Eri Eri
BM Eri  Eri 
BR Eri Eri 
RR Eri  Eri 
Z Eri  Eri 
SSS 100829:022138-261952 For
BU Gem Gem
DM Gem Gem
NSV 2868 Gem
TV Gem Gem
BU Gem  Gem 
pi 1 Gru  Gru 
AC Her Her
AC Her Her
g Her Her
IQ Her Her
OP Her Her
ST Her Her
UW Her Her
UW Her Her
V939 Her Her
X Her Her
g Her  Her 
X Her  Her 
1RXS J100734.4-201731 Hya
R Hya  Hya 
RT Hya  Hya 
RV Hya Hya 
U Hya  Hya 
V Hya Hya 
Y Hya Hya 
CL Hyi Hyi
SSS 120725:202916-505847 Ind
SSS 120731:214217-674801 Ind
T Ind  Ind 
R Leo  Leo 
R Lep  Lep 
RX Lep  Lep 
S Lep  Lep 
R Lup Lup
S Lup Lup
CE Lyn Lyn
SV Lyn Lyn
Y Lyn  Lyn 
XY Lyr Lyr
HK Lyr  Lyr 
TU Men Men
CF Mic Mic
T Mic  Mic 
RV Mon Mon
RV Mon Mon
SX Mon Mon
U Mon Mon
X Mon  Mon 
eta Mus Mus
BO Mus  Mus 
LR Nor Nor
T Nor Nor
NSV 8805 Oph
V2335 Oph Oph
X Oph Oph
V533 Oph Oph 
X Oph  Oph 
BL Ori Ori
BQ Ori Ori
CSS 111118:051923+155435 Ori
MASTER OT J054317.95+093114.8 Ori
V529 Ori Ori
W Ori Ori
BL Ori  Ori 
S Pav  Pav 
Y Pav Pav 
CSS 100610:231552+271037 Peg
CSS 121005:212625+201948 Peg
GO Peg Peg
PV Peg Peg
V369 Peg Peg
MASTER OT J042609.34+354144.8 Per
SU Per Per
V369 Per Per
V693 Per Per
AE Phe Phe
CI Phe Phe
R Pic  Pic 
TV Psc Psc
TV Psc Psc
Z Psc Psc
V347 Pup Pup
V407 Pup Pup
L2 Pup  Pup 
V0407 Pup Pup 
VSX J041109.2-591116 Ret
WX Ret  Ret 
SW Scl  Scl 
AH Sco Sco
V598 Sco Sco
AH Sco Sco 
BM Sco  Sco 
V0905 Sco Sco 
FH Sct Sct
R Sct Sct
V0391 Sct Sct
LX Ser Ser
tau 4 Ser  Ser 
BZ Sgr Sgr
EM* AS 245 Sgr
EM* AS 269 Sgr
RY Sgr Sgr
UX Sgr Sgr
V1943 Sgr Sgr
V1943 Sgr Sgr
PKS 0507+179 Tau
Y Tau  Tau 
RX Tel Tel
XZ Tel Tel
BL Tel  Tel 
RX Tel Tel 
X TrA  TrA 
W Tri Tri
DM Tuc Tuc
MASTER OT J081110.46+660008.5 UMa
PSN J09243795+4921320 UMa
RY UMa  UMa 
ST UMa  UMa 
Z UMa  UMa 
V UMi  UMi 
V383 Vel Vel
GO Vel Vel 
MN Vel  Vel 
FP Vir Vir
RW Vir Vir
V558 Vir Vir
BK Vir  Vir 
RT Vir  Vir 
SS Vir  Vir 
SW Vir  Vir 
TW Vul Vul
FI Vul Vul