AAVSO Professional Survey for 2013

AAVSO Councillor Kevin Paxson has completed and presented the results of the AAVSO's survey of the professional astronomical community.  The AAVSO solicited participation from professional astronomers in an online survey early this year, and the results are now available in both raw and summarized form, with commentary and analysis from Kevin.  The results were presented at the 2013 Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, and the final reports are now available here.

Alert Notice 481: Nova Survey participation requested

March 19, 2013:  The AAVSO solicits participation in an online survey from our member and observer communities. The survey is being conducted in advance of an upcoming long-term observing campaign that will be launched in mid-April 2013.  We are seeking participation in this survey from as broad a sample of the AAVSO community as possible, and your responses will help us gauge the effectiveness of the campaign and serve the observer community better.

Meetings Survey

Rebecca and I have put together a 8-item survey about AAVSO meetings. The goal of this survey is to give us information about what is important to you when you make decisions about meeting attendance. It includes questions about preferred locations, meeting structure, content of talks, etc. If you have a moment, please give us 5-10 minutes to take the survey. We would like everyone interested to take the survey, whether you have attended a prior meeting or not.