AR3210, 3211, 3212: three different groups?

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Fri, 02/10/2023 - 17:13

Hi everyone,

The first two groups appeared almost together, first AR3210 followed by AR3211; have an extent of at least 16° in longitude and similar latitude within a few degrees. From the Zurich/McIntosh system they look like two distinct groups of class "C".
Taken individually they have an opposite tilt angle, while when viewed as a single group they have the "correct" tilt, with the preceding group at a lower latitude than the following.
Although AR3212 is on the same latitude as 3210 and 3211, I have counted it as a distinct group, either because it appeared from a different facula, or because the extent of the three groups reaches 30° longitude.



different groups

Hi Maurizio,

Not sure about those groupings, I did not look at the NOAA numbers, but yesterday (10th) was, for me, the most active day since peak of cycle 24. I counted 7 groups and 72 sunspots!  Not sure how other folks counted. 

Weather today and tomorrow does not look good. But, I think the first peak of this cycle 25 may be approaching.

Count those groups and sunspots as you see them.