Almost Twenty-Five Million! ... and Counting

We are approaching a milestone in the AAVSO International Database. Are you counting?

If you take a look at the observation total in the Recent Activity section of the AAVSO homepage, you will see that we will soon reach twenty-five million observations!

It is certain that we will reach this important milestone.  The uncertaintly lies in exactly when we will hit the twenty-five million mark.

Would you like to take a guess?

If so, please enter your prediction of the date and time (in UTC) that the AAVSO International Database will reach its 25 millionth observation by filling out THIS FORM.

There is a cut-off date to this contest. Entries must be received by 0000hrs UTC, Saturday, 1 February, 2014.  One guess per person please.

The winner will be announced on the AAVSO website and will receive a certificate and small gift at the first AAVSO Meeting to take place after the 25 million milestone is reached... and, of course, you'll get major bragging rights!

It could be you!