Special Notice #84: Optical transient (possible supernova) in The Antennae Galaxies [SN 2007sr]

December 19, 2007: A.J. Drake et al have reported in A.Tel #1337 on the detection of a bright optical transient in one of the spiral arms of the Antennae Galaxies (NGC 4038/VV 245). The object [SN 2007sr] was at magnitude 12.9 on 2007 December 18. The transient is located at the following coordinates (J2000):

RA: 12:01:52.80 , Dec: -18:58:21.72

They note the object is on the edge of one of the spiral arms, and the brightness is consistent with a supernova at the known distance of the Antennae.

Finding charts and additional information are provided at the following URL by the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS): http://voeventnet.org/feeds/ATEL/CSS/712180180624111439.html

Note that this object is close to a 15th magnitude star, and will be blended. It is within an outer spiral arm, and so there will also be weak contribution from the galaxian light.

This object has not yet been classified as Type I or II -- more information will be issued in a future Alert or Special Notice if circumstances warrant.

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.



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