AAVSO Journal Club

We have created a new forum for members to discuss current literature.  This is a member benefit and can be accessed via the members-only section of the forum page.

If you are interested in participating but are not yet a member of the AAVSO, we invite you to join today!

The goals of the AAVSO Journal Club:

  • keep up with the literature (harder than you think!)
  • learn something
  • find interesting projects
  • improve your critical evaluation skills
  • find out what makes for a good paper
  • promote social contact

Each paper will have a "leader", who chooses the paper and begins the discussion.  Each participant reads the paper so that he/she can discuss it intelligently.  Once the discussion dies down, another paper will be selected.  The current "leaders" are John Martin, Doug Welch, Arne Henden and Matt Templeton.

For more information, please visit the AAVSO Journal Club Forum. (This link is accessible only to current AAVSO members.)