Alert Notice 405: Request for observations of NSV 99 (khi Peg) in support of HST observations

October 2, 2009

Dr. Brian Espey (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland) has requested photoelectric photometry and bright star CCD photometry of the semiregular variable NSV 99 (= khi Peg) beginning immediately.  These observations are in support of ultraviolet spectroscopy to be obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope in late October and late November 2009. Observations are requested to continue through the end of November 2009.

Photoelectric observers are asked to obtain nightly V-band photometry of NSV 99 using the following comparison and check stars:

Comparison:  HR 22 (SAO 91734, "87 Peg")
                    RA/Dec(J2000): 00:09:02.4247 ,  18:12:43.067
                    V=5.532, (B-V)=1.038 (Mermilliod and Mermilliod 1998)

Check:          HR 131 (SAO 74084, "52 Psc")
                    RA/Dec(J2000): 00:32:35.4859 ,  20:17:39.539
                    V=5.367, (B-V)=1.069 (Mermilliod and Mermilliod 1998)

Note that these stars will not appear on VSP-generated charts smaller than A scale.  Both comparison and check stars are several degrees away, so please try to observe as close to the meridian as possible.  DSLR observers and wide-field CCD observers should use the same comparison and check stars as above.  There are few suitable near-field comparison stars, so standard CCD imaging is not recommended.

When submitting CCD or DSLR data, please be clear as to what comparison stars you use.

NSV 99 (= khi Peg) is located at the following (J2000) coordinates:

        RA,Dec: 00:14:36.20 , +20:12:24.0

Finder charts for NSV 99 may be plotted using VSP:

Note that NSV 99 is itself a comparison star used for visual observing, so the chart will have a "48" label next to the star.

Please SUBMIT OBSERVATIONS TO THE AAVSO using either of "NSV 99" or "KHI PEG".

This AAVSO Alert Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.



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