Alert Notice 213: 0059+53 Nova Cassiopeiae 1995 [V723 Cas]

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AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 213 (August 28, 1995)


We have been informed by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU
Circular 6213
) and vsnet of the photographic discovery of a nova in Cassiopeia
by Minoru Yamamoto, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan, on August 24.57 UT at magnitude 9.2,
using a 200-mm f/4.0 lens and PO0 filter and T-Max 400 film.

Positions were measured and reported by several individuals, including
T. Kojima (epoch 2000, via S. Nakano, IAUC 6213):

                 01h 05m 05.37s +54 degrees 00' 40.5"

G. Garradd (via McNaught, vsnet) and D. Nogami (vsnet) each confirmed no known
or suspected variable in the Hubble Guide Star Catalog at or near the position
of the nova.

G. V. Williams, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, identified a
possible precursor on the Digital Sky Survey (epoch 1954.752, Palomar red plate,
magnitude 18-19) at end figures 05.40s, 40.6" (IAUC 6213).

Inspection by O. Ohshima, M. Shimizu, and T. Yamamoto, Bisei Astronomical
Observatory, Japan, of a CCD spectrum (range 390-700 nm, resolution 1.0 nm)
taken Aug 26.736 UT with the BAO 1.0-m telescope confirms the object as a nova,
showing hydrogen emission lines with a developing P Cygni profile and strong
zcontinuum (via B. Marsden).  Confirmation was also obtained by T. Iijima, Asiago
Astrophysical Observatory, Italy, analyzing optical spectra taken Aug 26.96 UT.
M. Della Valle, University of Padova, and W. Marchiotto and G Lercher, University
of Innsbruck, report that their preliminary analysis of a spectrum taken on
Aug. 27.0 UT confirm this object to be a galactic nova probably caught during its very
early decline (IAUC 6214).

Observations of N Cas 95 include:
Jul 24 UT, <10 ptg, M. Yamamoto, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan (via vsnet and IAUC 6213);
29.7, <12.5 CCD, K. Kosaka, Tamano, Okayama, Japan (via O. Ohshima, novanet, IAUC
); 30.7, 12.2: CCD, Kosaka (via Ohshima, novanet and IAUC 6214); 31.7,
11.6 CCD,  Kosaka (via Ohshima, novanet, IAUC 6214); Aug 1.7, 11.0 CCD, Kosaka
(via Ohshima, novanet, IAUC 6214); 4.7, 10.4 CCD, Kosaka (via Ohshima, novanet,
IAUC 6214); 5.7, 9.9 CCD, Kosaka (via Ohshima, novanet, IAUC 6214); 8.7,
9.6 CCD, Kosaka (via Ohshima, novanet, IAUC 6214); 18.7, 9.8 CCD, Kosaka (via
Ohshima, novanet, IAUC 6214); 22.7, 9.5 CCD, Kosaka (via Ohshima, novanet,
IAUC 6214); 22.9625, 9.0 ptg, M. Collins, Everton, Bedfordshire, England (via
G. Hurst, novanet, IAUC 6214); 22.9730, 9.0 ptg, Collins (via G. Hurst, novanet,
IAUC 6214); 23.7, 9.2 CCD, Kosaka (via Ohshima, novanet, IAUC 6214); 24.57,
9.2 ptg, Yamamoto - discovery; 26.58, 9.0 CCD, M. Iida, Nagano, Japan (IAUC
); 26.598, 8.9 CCD, M. Iida, Nagano, Japan (via vsnet); 26.62, 9.3, S.
Takahashi, Japan (IAUC 6213); 26.62, 9.2 CCDV, T. Kojima, Chiyoda, Japan (IAUC
); 26.65, 9.37 CCD, Sugie, Dynic, Japan (IAUC 6213); 26.660, 9.0 CCD, Iida
(via vsnet); 26.6877, 9.8 CCD, G. Garradd, Loomberah, NSW, Australia (via
novanet); 26.892, 9.2, G. Hurst, Basingstoke, England (via The Astronomer
Circular 990
); 26.943, 9.3, G. Poyner, Birmingham, England (via The Astronomer
Circular 990
); 26.985, 9.2, D. Rodriguez, Madrid, Spain; 26.985, 9.2, J. Ripero,
Madrid, Spain; 26.985, 9.2, J.M. Sanjuan, Madrid, Spain; 27.177, 9.1, J. Bortle,
Stormville, NY (IAUC 6214); 27.79, 9.0, L. Kiss, Szeged, Hungary (IAUC 6214);
27.79, 9.3, G. Szabo, Szeged, Hungary; 27.8020 UT, 9.3, L. Szentasko, Budapest,
Hungary; 27.854, 9.4, Ripero; 27.951, 8.9, P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim, Germany;
27.905, 9.0, E. Broens, Mol, Belgium (via novanet); 27.99, 9.0:, M. Verdenet,
Bourbon-Lancy, France (via E. Schweitzer, vsnet); 28.059, 8.7, J. Griese,
Stamford, CT; 28.06, 9.0, C. Scovil, Stamford, CT; 28.118, 8.9, Schmeer;
28.3438, 8.8, A. Dill, Wichita, KS.

Please use the accompanying AAVSO preliminary "b" and "d" scale charts, prepared
by C. Scovil using the Hipparcos Input Catalogue and the Hubble Guide Star
Catalog, to observe N Cas 95.  When you report your observations to AAVSO
Headquarters, please be sure to indicate which chart and which comparison stars
you used to make your estimates.

Congratulations to Minoru Yamamoto on his most recent discovery!


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Good observing!

Janet A. Mattei


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