Identifications of Centennial Calendar Images: May 2011

Images in A Century of Variable Star Observing: 1911-2010

May 2011: AAVSO members and observers (women)

Row 1: Annie Jump Cannon (Harvard College Observatory, mentor to Margaret Mayall, honorary AAVSO member); Janet Akyüz Mattei, Dorrit Hoffleit (Harvard College Observatory and Yale University Observatory, Maria Mitchell Observatory director, AAVSO President, mentor to Paris Pişmiş and Janet A. Mattei), Paris Pişmiş (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, first woman to receive Ph.D. from Science Faculty of Istanbul University, first professional astronomer in Mexico, mentor to Janet A. Mattei); Harriett W. Bigelow (Smith College Observatory director, AAVSO President); Henrietta Leavitt (Harvard College Observatory, honorary AAVSO member); Dorothy W. Block (Harvard College Observatory Fellow); Alice H. Farnsworth (Mt. Holyoke College Observatory, AAVSO President, student of Anne S. Young); Caroline E. Furness (Vassar College Observatory director, authored Introduction to the study of variable stars, student of Mary Whitney)

Row 2: Helen M. Thomas (Harvard College Observatory staff assistant to Leon Campbell, first American woman to receive Ph.D. in History of Science, her dissertation was on the history of variable star astronomy in the 19th century); Dorrit Hoffleit; Williamina P. Fleming (Harvard College Observatory); Helen M. Swartz (Vassar College student of Caroline Furness, one of the earliest AAVSO members); Group of 4, from left: Alice H. Farnsworth, Mt. Holyoke College Observatory directorAnne S. Young, Helen M. Swartz, Harriet W. Bigelow, at Mt. Holyoke 1920

Row 3: Marjorie Williams (Smith College Observatory, AAVSO President); AAVSO Assistant Janet Akyüz (Mattei) and Director Margaret Mayall; women on HCO staff in 1925 - Front row, from left: Agnes M. Hoovens, Mary B. Howe, Harvia Wilson, Margaret Walton (Mayall), and Antonia Maury. Middle row: Lillian Hodgdon, Annie J. Cannon, Evelyn Leland, Ida Woods, Mabel Gill, and Florence Cushman. Back row: Margaret Harwood, Cecilia Payne (Gaposchkin), Arville Walker, and Edith Gill; Margaret Harwood (Maria Mitchell Observatory director); Margaret Mayall and Helen Sawyer Hogg (David Dunlap Observatory, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, AAVSO President)

Row 4: M. Alberta Hawes (University of Virginia astronomer); Caroline E. Furness at Vassar College Observatory; Dorrit Hoffleit and Florence Campbell Bibber (daughter of Leon Campbell and staff assistant to Margaret Mayall) in front of Leon Campbell’s photograph and chair and John Briggs’ 1875 Alvan Clark 5” telescope; Anne S. Young (Mt. Holyoke College director); Helen M. Stephansky (HCO staff, assistant to Leon Campbell, HCO and AAVSO assistant to Margaret Mayall) and Margaret Mayall


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