Identifications of Centennial Calendar Images: February 2011

Images in A Century of Variable Star Observing: 1911-2010

February 2011: AAVSO members and observers

Row 1: Friedrich Wilhem August Argelander, Bonn University, Germany, published first variable star catalogue and atlas in 1844, and earliest appeals for variable star observations; Alan B. Burbeck of Abington, Massachusetts, first AAVSO Treasurer; A. W. Gregory of Morristown, New Jersey; Mrs. Yalden, J. Ernest G. Yalden of Leonia, New Jersey, and AAVSO's founder William Tyler Olcott of Norwich, Connecticut; Edward W. Clement of Nashua, New Hampshire

Row 2: Radha G. Chandra of Bagchar, Jessore, India; Leslie C. Peltier of Delphos, Ohio; AAVSO group at the recently opened Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, Canton, MA, 1917; Harold C. Bancroft of West Collingswood, New Jersey, helped Olcott with production of the first AAVSO blueprint charts; Edward C. Pickering, Director of Harvard College Observatory, scientiific advisor to the AAVSO

Row 3: Group of three: photoelectric photometrist Richard Prager of Berlin-Babelsberg Observatory; Leon Campbell, Harvard College Observatory staff astronomer and first AAVSO Recorder; and Eugene H. Jones of Somerville, Massachusetts; William Henry of Brooklyn, New York; Eugene H. Jones, who made over 44,700 variable star observations

Row 4: David B. Pickering, first AAVSO President; autograph of William Tyler Olcott; Tilton C. H. Bouton of Hudson, New Hampshire; Reginald P. De Kock of Observatory Cape, South Africa; Harvard College Observatory Directory Harlow Shapley and William Tyler Olcott


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