Identifications of Centennial Calendar Images: December 2011

Images in A Century of Variable Star Observing: 1911-2010

December 2011: AAVSO staff and Headquarters volunteers

Row 1: Science Director Matthew R. Templeton unpacking files during moving in to 49 Bay State Road; at 25 Birch Street, in back – Corespondence Secretary/Administrative Assistant Janet MacLennan Zisk, Stanley H. Zisk (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Hawaii), Director Janet A. Mattei, Technical Assistant Margaret Lysaght, Office Manager Mary Greene, volunteer Katherine S. Hazen, in front – Treasurer Theodore H. N. Wales, Data Entry Technician Barbara J. Silva; staff meeting in 49 Bay State Road library – Director Arne A. Henden, Administrative Assistant Travis J. Searle, Matthew R. Templeton (back to camera), Technical Assistant Gamze H. Menali, Technical Assistant/Webmaster Katherine Davis; at 187 Concord Avenue, c. 1987, in back - Mary Greene, volunteer George Raymond, Senior Technical Assistant Elizabeth O. Waagen, Data Entry Technician Douglas Van Orsow, Adminstrative Assistant Susan M. Power, Katherine S. Hazen, Margaret Lysaght, volunteer Frank McCorrison, General Assistant Margarita Vargas Tapia, in front  - Janet A. Mattei

Row 2: Arne A. Henden works on the wiring as 49 Bay State Road is prepared for moving in; Clerk Michael Mattei at the grill at a staff picnic at the Mattei home in Littleton, Massachusetts; Hands-On Astrophysics editing session – Technical Assistant Michael Saladyga, Publications Assistant Lynn Anderson, Donna J. Young (Wright Center, Tufts University), Publications Assistant for HOA Karin Hauck; Margarita Vargas Tapia and Data Entry Technician Michael Bickford in the 25 Birch Street Library (John Briggs’ 1875 5-inch Alvan Clark telescope in the background); Travis J. Searle and (now) Assistant Director Aaron Price painting the foyer at 25 Birch Street in preparation for an AAVSO Annual meeting;

Row 3: volunteer Sylvia Danskin (standing) and AAVSO Bookkeeper Linda Henden give the kitchen at 49 Bay State Road a thorough cleaning in preparation for moving in; Webmaster Will McMain; pizza lunch – an AAVSO tradition – at 25 Birch Street, with (going around the table) Summer Research Intern Benjamin D. Oppenheimer, Elizabeth O. Waagen, Technical Assistant Grant Foster, Administrative Assistant Pamela Moffatt, Janet A. Mattei, Administrative Assistant/Events Coordinator Tanja E. Foulds, Technical Assistants Elena Khan, William K. Mackiewicz, and Michael Saladyga; the staff present star-shaped diamond earrings to Janet A. Mattei in recognition of her 25th annivsary as Director – Elizabeth O. Waagen, Aaron Price, Gamze Menali, Technical Assistant/Events Coordinator Rebecca Turner,  and Technical Assistant Kerriann H. Malatesta (other staff members were present but are not in the photo); Technical Assistant for Special Projects Sara J. Beck painting the foyer at 25 Birch Street in preparation for an Annual meeting;

Row 4: Administrative Assistant Virgina Renehan and Cassie; volunteer Arthur Ritchie; Administrative Assistant Sarah Turner Sechelski, Gamze H. Menali, Katherine Davis; Margaret Mayall’s Assistant Helen Stephansky at 4 Brattle Street;

Row 5: at 25 Birch Street, Grant Foster, Michael Saladyga, Technical Assistant Shawna Helleur, Lynn Anderson, Sara J. Beck, William K. Mackiewicz, Elena Khan, Janet A. Mattei, former Council member Danie Overbeek, Data Entry Technicians Donna Eldridge and Barbara J. Silva, Summer Assistant John H. Beck, Elizabeth O. Waagen; Development Director Michael A. Simonsen; Gloria Ortiz Cruz; Technical Assistant IT Richard (Doc) Kinne; “the kingdom of women” (as called by a visiting astronomer from Purple Mountain Observatory, China) at 187 Concord Avenue, December 1981 - part-time Office Clerk/Typist Jean Souza, Margarita Vargas Tapia, Katherine S. Hazen, Special Research Assistant Shelley K. Pope, Janet A. Mattei, Barbara J. Silva, Elizabeth O. Waagen, Office Secretary Dorothy Haviland, part-time Secretarial Assistant Mary Frances Collins (not pictured, Data Entry Technician Bethune Kelley and Publications Secretary Agnes Meaney)


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