Approximate wavelengths for filters accepted for the AAVSO International Database

The filters listed below are used in the AAVSO International Database. For your reference, the approximate effective wavelength is given as well as the Full Width Half Maximum. These filters may be used when submitting observations to the AAVSO via WebObs.

Numbers are in Ångstroms unless otherwise indicated. FWHM = Full Width Half Maximum (gives the approximate width of the coverage; e.g., Johnson U is approximately 650 Ångstroms wide centered on 3663 Å; equivalent to the 50% transmission value)



Wavelength (Å)


Approximate wavelengths of photometry filters in the AAVSO International Database (AID)
Johnson U U 3663 650
Johnson B B 4361 890
Johnson V V 5448 840
Johnson R RJ 7000 2200
Johnson I IJ 9000 2400
Cousins R R 6407 1580
Cousins I I 7980 1540
Near-Infrared J J 1.2 microns 0.32 micron
Near-Infrared H H 1.6 microns 0.36 micron
Near-Infrared K K 2.2 microns 0.37 micron
Sloan u SU 3543 650
Sloan g SG 4770 1490
Sloan r SR 6231 1400
Sloan i SI 7625 1300
Sloan z SZ 9097 1370
Stromgren u STU 3520 314
Stromgren v STV 4100 170
Stromgren b STB 4688 185
Stromgren y STY 5480 226
Stromgren Hbw STHBW 4890 150
Stromgren Hbn STHBN 4860 30
Optec Wing A MA 7120 110
Optec Wing B MB 7540 110
Optec Wing C (or Wing I) MI 10240 420
PanSTARRS z-short  (APASS) ZS 8730 940
PanSTARRS Y   (APASS) Y 10004 1080
DSLR Blue TB  differs by camera  
DSLR Green TG  differs by camera  
DSLR Red TR  differs by camera  
Clear (unfiltered) reduced to V sequence CV  differs by camera  
Clear (unfiltered) reduced to R sequence CR  differs by camera  
Clear with blue-blocking CBB  differs by camera  
Halpha HA  6563  
Halpha_continuum HAC  5400 60
Blue visual filter Blue-vis. historical data only; do not use  
Green visual filter Green-vis. historical data only; do not use  
Red visual filter Red-vis. historical data only; do not use  
Orange filter Orange historical data only; do not use  
Yellow visual filter Yellow-vis. historical data only; do not use  
Visual Vis. human eye; ~5500  
Other O  filter not listed above, must describe in Comments  


Note: The effective wavelength values for the Sloan filters are from the SDSS filters table. The Sloan FWHM values are from the Astrodon filters information table.

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Halpha_continuum: Baader Solar Continuum Filter information
Clear with blue-blocking filter: