eps Aur abstract: Mauclaire et al.

H-alpha Spectral Monitoring of epsilon Aurigae 2009–2011 Eclipse


Benjamin Mauclaire

Observatoire du Val de l’Arc, route de Peynier, 13530 Trets, France

Christian Buil

Castanet Tolosan Observatory, 6 place Clémence Isaure, 31320 Castanet Tolosan, France

Thierry Garrel

Observatoire de Juvignac, 19, avenue du Hameau du Golf, 34990 Juvignac, France

Robin Leadbeater

Three Hills Observatory, The Birches, CA7 1JF, England

Alain Lopez

529 rue Buffon, 06110 Le Canet, France


We present and analyze epsilon Aurigae data concerning the evolution of the Ha line on the occasion of the 2009 International observation campaign launched to cover the eclipse of this object. We visually inspect the dynamical spectrum constructed from the data and analyze the evolution with time of the EW (Equivalent Width) and of the radial velocity. The spectroscopic data reveal many details which confirm the complexity of the epsilon Aur system. The object is far from being understood. In particular, according to our measurements, the eclipse duration has been underestimated. A complete analysis of details revealed by our data would require much time and effort. Observers are encouraged to continue monitoring the H-alpha line out of eclipse in the hope that it will provide further important information.