eps Aur abstract: Hopkins

The International e Aurigae Campaign 2009 Photometry Report


Jeffrey L. Hopkins

Hopkins Phoenix Observatory, 7812 West Clayton Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85033

Received February 23, 2012; revised April 25, 2012 and June 29, 2012; accepted
July 3, 2012


An International Campaign and Web site were started in May of 2006 for the 2009–2011 eclipse of the mysterious star system e Aurigae. Photometric and spectroscopic observations of the eclipse were coordinated and reported. The eclipse started in the summer of 2009 and lasted until the spring of 2011. During the campaign twenty-four newsletters were published on the web site and made available free as .pdf files to read and download. Twenty-six observers from fourteen different countries submitted photometric data in the UBVRI bands. Over 3,600 high-quality photometric observations were submitted with nearly 2,000 observations in just the V band. This paper discusses the Campaign and report the results.