The Challenge of Observing the zeta Aurigae Binary Stars


Frank J. Melillo

Holtsville Observatory, 14 Glen-Hollow Dr, E-16, Holtsville, NY 11742

Received March 31, 2014; revised May 12, 2014 and June 12, 2014; accepted June 12, 2014


Observations of the zeta Aurigae binary stars zeta Aur, 31 Cyg, and 32 Cyg were made in V and B during their most recent eclipses. All three stars were measured photometrically mainly in the blue light that traces the hot companion star being eclipsed. The light curves of all three stars show precise timing during the entire recent eclipses. The magnitude and the duration of the eclipses in V and B are described here and predictions are made for the future.