BH Crucis: Period, Magnitude, and Color Changes

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W. S. G. Walker

Wharemaru Observatory, P. O. Box 173, Awanui, 0451, New Zealand

Received June 28, 2009; revised September 2, 2009; accepted September 2, 2009

The period changes of the dual maxima Mira star BH Cru and the associated color changes are discussed. UBV measures before the change in period began are compared with those after the star had stabilized at the new, longer, period and those made during the twelve cycles of lengthening period are summarized. A 30% increase in mean V brightness is noted, as is a distinctly redder color in B—V. The apparent single maximum that has now appeared can be explained by a relative brightening of the second maximum with the first maximum now somewhat hidden by it.

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